International Transplant Nurses Society

Dallas / Fort Worth Chapter


DFW ITNS is committed to the promotion of excellence
in transplant clinical nursing through the provision
of educational and professional growth opportunities,
interdisciplinary networking, collaborative
activities, and transplant nursing research.  We
promote the field of transplant nursing within our
individual transplant centers and throughout this
geographical region.


To provide a network for the communication among
professional nurses with a focus and commitment to

To provide a means of continuing education for
professional nurses with a focus in transplant nursing.

To examine new trends in all types of transplant
as it effects patient care and the clinical and
functional role of the nurse.

To promote and support research in the field of
transplant nursing.

To distribute the results of scientific
investigations among professionals interested in the
area of transplantation.

To foster an awareness of ongoing ethical
considerations in the areas of procurement, living
donations, and recipient selection.

To do all else that is necessary and proper for
the accomplishment of all of the forgoing or other
proper and lawful purposes and objectives of the

Our Logo

The original ITNS logo was designed in 1992 and was a tree with each of the nine leaves representing a solid organ that could be transplanted at the time. The spaces on the tree represented transplants to come. ITNS wanted to incorporate the history of the tree into the new logo. In 2013, ITNS unveiled a new logo that carried over the leaf symbolism from the original logo. The new ITNS logo includes a leaf to represent an organ being donated and transplanted. The hands around the leaf represent our members and are sheltering the organ. The color palette specifically includes earth tones to reflect the diversity of membership in the organization across race, gender, nations, and continents. The leaf appears in the green color that represents transplant awareness. The new ITNS logo represents a personal touch in the transplant nurse's mission as the leaf is placed between two hands as if an organ is being shepherded with the utmost care in the transplant process.

Our Mission

ITNS is committed to the promotion of excellence in transplant clinical nursing by providing educational and professional growth opportunities, interdisciplinary networking and collaborative activities and transplant nursing research.